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Manufactory and leading supplier of hardware cloth / wire mesh products

HuaHai is a leading supplier of hardware cloth mesh products for the building, fencing, filter industry. We are always dedicated to customer satisfaction and we build excellent relationships with our global importers. Our factory has been long term supplier to most of our customers for our reliability, experience, excellent reputation.

We have first-class automatic welding machines that can produce full range of mesh sizes, in standard type or special type. The fully digital controlled techniques and well-trained staff can ensure the uinform and accurate mesh size and the precise dimensions of the rolls and panels.

Our products fall into two categories according to manufacturing: welded wires and woven wires.

Welded mesh series mainly include: Galvanized welded wire, hot dipped welded mesh, pvc and vinyl coated welded mesh, stainless steel welded mesh.
Woven wire series mainly include: Hexagonal wire mesh, square hole galvanized mesh, pvc and vinyl coated woven wire mesh, stainless steel woven wire cloth.

Fields Served / Products used in:

Mesh fencing for borders, zoo, perimeters, temp control, security, tree guards, rabbit and animal cages ( rabbit cages, rabbit guard, fence, chicken coop floor and enclosure, etc);
Various filter and screening;
Building and construction;

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Galvanized Hardware Cloth

Powder Coated Galvanized Hardware Cloth

iron wire mesh

Hexagonal Hole Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Hardware Cloth

Stainless Steel Woven Wire Cloth